Thursday, November 5, 2015

Patented double-click mechanical pencil

Idea for this novelty pencil came up in my mind while I was making a drawing, using a cheap plastic Chinese-made mechanical pencil with so called "side-click led advance system". I needed to erase few lines and realized that small eraser in the back of my pencil was almost gone. This was annoying since I hate to have interruptions during my "creative process". I just thought that instead of having a small and short eraser it could easily accommodate a longer one. There was a room inside pencil for that. But then how to pull eraser out fast and easy? And then I thought of an additional button, which could move eraser out in small increments from the rear of pencil just as button on the pencil in my hands was doing with the graphite led...

Designed by Gennadi Fedorov
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