Saturday, October 31, 2015

Introducing New Product - Bison Airlighter

What is Bison Airlighter? Most of us had a chance once here and there to set camp fire, start fireplace or wood stove going, fire a barbeque grill or smoker to prepare a favorite treat. Most of the time we use fire starting liquid for that and have to wait till open fire dies down and charcoal gets that distinct white powderish look, which indicates that we can start actual cooking.

Airlighter is a portable too which alows to get from decision of making a fire to cooking in just 3 minutes and without any starter liquid. You do not even need self-starting charcoal. All you need a just fire wood or pressed or regular charcoal and... Airlighter! It will work anywhere, anytime, provided you did not forget to charge its batteries via convenient USB port and fill its tank with butane.
Designed by Gennadi Fedorov. Atus Design, LLC.
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