Saturday, October 31, 2015

Pen as our writing instrument... and one of the most ancient tools of human species.

Ah, pen! One of the most ancient instruments in human hands (axe and knife do not count, of course). I love designing writing instruments - pens, mechanical pencils, markers... May seem like a simple and boring task - design a ballpoint pen. Yet, when we go to a store to buy office supplies, we look and carefully choose this one of the most ancient instruments - pen or pencil. We pay attention to shape, colors, balance, grip area, clicker buttons and many other features. How many of us, buying a new pen thought to ourselves:"Oh, now with this pen I will write my best story!", or "Aha, now with this pen my school study and home work will have to improve!" Yes, we use this instrument literally every day. How many other tools we use every day our whole life? Well, maybe knives, spoons and forks... And these are also coming in one or few of my future blogs, because I designed utensils too. But now attention on pens!

Designed by Gennadi Fedorov
Atus Design, LLC.
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